01. If the world's population continues to [increase], one day there will not be enough food for everyone.
02. You can expect a slight [increase] in pay every six months.
03. Our sales continue to [increase] as our name gets known.
04. The price for CD burners has [decreased] significantly since they first appeared on the market.
05. The telephone company has announced that the fee for single-line service will [increase] by 3% this year.
06. Use of the Internet to download music is becoming [increasingly] popular.
07. Analysts are unsure as to whether technology which allows users to download music from the Internet will result in a decrease in sales or will actually [increase] sales of CDs, as artists become better known.
08. Mahatma Gandhi once remarked that there is more to life than [increasing] its speed.
09. [Increasingly], people are realizing that if we don't do something to reduce pollution, our children will suffer the consequences.
10. There is a Zanzibar proverb which states that wealth diminishes with usage, whereas learning [increases] with use.
11. There is a Czech proverb which observes that a good neighbor [increases] the value of your property.
12. The average admission price to movie theaters in the last 30 years has [increased] 500 percent.
13. Coffee is not successful at sobering up a drunk person, and in many cases it may actually [increase] the negative effects of alcohol.
14. An [increasing] number of elementary schools in Japan are introducing chopstick etiquette into their programs.
15. When egg white is beaten, it becomes foamy, [increasing] up to eight times in volume.
16. The weight of a human fetus [increases] about 2.4 billion times in nine months.
17. With 382,650 babies being born each day, and 144,902 people dying daily, the world population [increases] by about 237,748 people a day.
18. The pressure exerted by a gas will [increase] as the temperature rises.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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